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My Dad’s War in the Far East Pt1

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 24th October 2018.

Mr. Ian East a retired NHS manager gave a very interesting and informative presentation on “My Dad’s War in the Far East Pt1”.

Ian started by relating the history of his family in particular his father and said that this talk was prompted by a previous presentation on “WW2 Mrs Ferguson's Tea Set” stating he needed to put the ordinary solders point of view about the war in the far- east. Ian started with the events leading up to WW2, the local politics and fighting between Japan China and USSR with his researched insight as to how things developed.

The miss management of many highly placed people both civilian and military highlighting the errors of judgement and poor decision making leading to the total failure of the English position of strength and leading to the Japanese concurring of parts of China, Vietnam, Cambodia Malaysia and Singapore. As for Ian’s dad we followed his progress after joining the Territorial Army being conscripted in to the army as a Antiaircraft gunner deployment to Malaysia then to Singapore and being captured by the Japanese forces which we will continue in part2 of this very interesting tale in the near future.

This was a very good morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

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