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Lancelot (Capability) Brown

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 12th October 2016

A very interesting and informative presentation this week was given by Dr. Jared Johnson who was a Teacher for 20 years gave us a presentation entitled “Lancelot (Capability) Brown”.

Jared starting at 1716 when he was born until 1773 when he died, his father a yeoman farmer died when Lancelot was only 4 years and his mother remarried and left all the children the elder brothers raised him Sir William Loraine sponsored him through his education and into his apprenticeship at Kirkharle.

It has been said that Lancelot Brown was the “Omnipotent Magician” because he would change what was a very ordered landscape to one that had large grassed areas at the house with a Ha Ha dividing the short lawn at the house and the meadow land which went on to the top of the hills at the edge of the estate with patches of trees focusing your eyes down the Valley with its serpentine lake.

Any path ways around the grounds would be meandering not straight lakes would bend out of sight or over a hill brow making you think it would go no forever. During his working life he designed over 200 estates and parks in all types of sites from modest up to very grand estates such at Longleat, Griff Rhys Jones when looking out of the windows down the estate at Chatsworth House said “This is what god would have done if he had the money”.

Questions followed to conclude the presentation.

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