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Changing Times

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 23rd January 2019

Mr David Wakenshaw an ex Policeman for 35 years gave an interesting presentation this week about “Changing Times”.

David started by relating his early life as a new Policeman and the unorthodox training he went through, what you did in many circumstances and especially the use of the truncheon which was it will only be used as a last resort to defend oneself (as each time it is used there is a mountain of paperwork that had to be completed explaining why it had happened and what the danger was to prompt you to get it out. Compared to the modern policeman who has an arsenal which they can use when necessary.

David produced 5 photos of policemen dating from 1860 to present and one future extrapolation Robo Cop. Several stories were related about how the 1900’s police kept the piece and had villains convicted compared with what happen now, and stated that the system has changed requiring conclusive proof has to be given before a villain can be prosecuted.

In some ways technology has assisted in their work but there was no substitute for the detective how gathers information and then sorts the truth out from several statements into one possible event, he said if everyone in the club were to be asked to describe the tie he was wearing 10 minutes after the end of the presentation you would be lucky to get 1 in 20 who gave the right combination of colours and pattern this is what a good detective attempts to do with conflicting witness statements.

Questions followed to conclude the presentation.

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