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The use of DNA in Investigations

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 29th May 2019.

Mrs Catherine Holiday gave us a presentation today entitled “The use of DNA in Investigations”.

Catherine’s presentation was a historical account of the life and work of the Police Detectives of the cold case units. This is what the TV series “New Tricks” and “Silent Witness” took their inspiration from but without all the investigative processes shown. She went through one of the cases that covered five years to complete and how DNA results put the team onto the right track, following up all the possibilities and ruling out the “Not Possible” lines of information until only one was left.

Even then with the DNA pointing to one person supporting data had to be found by interviewing family relatives of the suspect, friends, work colleagues and neighbours to place him in the area where the offence took place. Then finally getting the suspect in for questioning even if he was living currently in another country (the use of extradition) and finally the charging and sending the suspect to court. Catherin told us about 3 other cases and the sentences given to them, she also said that the victims of these types biggest need it to see the perpetrator as the majority had never seen them.

The whole presentation was very factual, informative and sometimes startling in what processes were needed to go through which kept all the men involved.

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