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Impressive in Futility the case of the High Sea Fleet

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 11th September 2019

The Presentation this week was by Dr John Derry (Emeritus Professor in History at Newcastle University).

John’s talk covered the period 1913 to 1920 and talked about the infighting between the army and the Navy who competed for funding in their prelude to WW1 with the Kaiser who wanted a statement to the world via his big battle ships and favored the navy while the army wanted to invade the neighboring countries while they were weak and required support from other European countries. The biggest problem was the Kaiser wanted to keep his battle ships in port so that they would not be sunk by the British fleet.

The consequences of this action was that when German fleet did come out the British fleet was there ready and waiting, this ended in the scuttling of the Germans fleet at Scapa Flow by Admiral Ludwig von Reuter to stop their ships being given to the allied powers. It was said that Adolf Hitler wanted to recover the old fleet for its steel content which was of better quality than that their current production was giving.

Questions followed to conclude another excellent presentation and a very good morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

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