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The Protestant Duke

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 24th May 2017

The Presentation this week was by Dr John Derry (Emeritus Professor in History at Newcastle University) entitled “The Protestant Duke”.

John’s talk covered the period 1649 to 1685 and covered Charles 1st to Charles 11 starting with his birth in Rotterdam on April 9, 1649 as the child of the exiled King Charles II and his mistress Lucy Walter (aka Mrs. Barlow) he was the eldest boy of Charles illegitimate offspring.

He took the name James Croft when Lord Croft to him into his care. John went on to describe the changes in fortune the effected his life especially his marriage at 16yrs old and the other affairs he had during his court life. Charles doted on the boy in public and heaped honors on him, despite criticism, especially when he arranged a marriage between the boy and Anna Scott, Countess of Buccleugh to establish him as a legitimate member of society, Monmouth had a serious side and his first military action was in the navy, during the Second Dutch War of 1665, the sixteen-year-old won effusive praise for his courage during the fighting, he also gained a considerable reputation as one of Britain's finest soldiers.

In 1685, Monmouth landed at Lyme, with under a hundred followers; James declared himself King later that month the rebels were defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor. Monmouth was captured, despite his attempts to plead his uncle for his life, Monmouth was executed by the axe of Jack Ketch on July 15, 1685 on Tower Hill, but botched the job and took three blows to end Monmouth’s life.

Questions followed to conclude another excellent presentation and a very good morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

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