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A Little Barrel of Ducatoons

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 17th June 2017.

A very interesting and sometimes humorous presentation this week was given by Mr Craig Barclay a Deputy Curator at Durham's three university museums on “Japanese Art” within the Museum on “A Little Barrel of Ducatoons”.

Craig started his presentation by taking us through the start of coinage use in England which was with the Romans but when they left around the 5th Century is fell out of use and was not revived until the 6th Century whit the beginning of trade with the countries close to us.. He went on to relate all the steps that coinage took from being stamped gold to stamped Silver followed to a Silver and copper mix used by Henry V111 to manage his wild spending, then onto the shapes and design which was changed several time up until the 1800 hundreds and the introduction of all copper coins for the smaller valued currency.

The Ducatoons was a coinage used in the English civil war when access to silver was restricted also the value of each of the coins was shown and compared with the penny which had been used for many years, the manufacture methods and locations were also mentioned as well as the attempted making of substandard forgeries for which the penalty if found guilty of this was to have their private parts hammered with a coin stamp hammer. Charles 11 decided to remove all the coinage from England both real and forged and issued a new set of coins made with the latest mechanical presses which gave a very high standard and was much harder to forge, the cost of doing this was met by a window tax.

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