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Seeking Polar Bears in Alsaska

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 9th October 2019.

A very interesting presentation this week was given by Mr. Colin Bradshaw.

Colin started off by giving us a brief history of the Polar bear and its level of danger to humans. His trip started into Anchorage showing a photo of a moose standing beside an aircraft warning board saying that these wild animals which can weigh up to 2 tons wander around straying into town looking for food. Several landscapes were shown one of which showed a group of volcanoes.

Greasley bears were common around the area so you had to be accompanied by a guide wherever you went, many wild birds were shown from owls to great eagles. We were told about a exceptional event a wall of warm water moved from the Bearing Sea up to Chukchi Sea and back again over the year the water temperature on onside of the wall is cold the other is warm and has been doing this as far back as records began but in 2018 this stopped and it is thought that global warming is the reason why it has happened. Several photos showing Orca’s to seals and otters that visit the area. Finally on his last excursion they managed to find a Polar Bear it was some way off and made a quick retreat when it say the size of the party.

Colin told us a story about one polar bear which was regularly coming close to the town so a hunter was given a licence to kill it, he went out with an AK47 and did not return but the bear did so another hunter was given a licence he went out and this time the bear was killed, when they opened the bear up they found 16 Ak47 rounds so the bear had been shot and had eaten the first hunter.

This was a delightful morning enjoyed by all our members.

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