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The Canadian Maritimes

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 6th November 2019.

The presentation this week at Cullercoats Men’s Club was given by Mr & Mrs Alan Porritt.

Alan started by showing us a map of the Nova Scotia area indicating the route they were taking which was being covered by the talk then continued to show starting in his pictures covering local sights churches, new buildings the transport busses which were built to travel over rivers as well as on roads.

Visits to Pains Cove and Peggie’s Cove were shown along with the countryside in summer, autumn and winter displaying the tremendous colour change that accompanies each season. Other sites visited were Bay of Fundy, 4 mile beach (which ends at the point were the first transatlantic cable came ashore) and Truro which has many statues carved out of their elm tree which had to be felled due to Dutch Elm disease being in the area, they weatherproofed the statues only to find that the trunks they used were infected and rotted from the inside out so are not there anymore.

This was a delightful morning enjoyed by all our members.

Questions followed on several points to conclude this very interesting presentation..

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