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Dementia Friends

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 18th March 2018.

Dr Sara J. Mitchell who is the Principal Clinical Psychologist Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust gave us a presentation today on “Dementia Friends”.

Sara said that we should have a star as we were the largest group that she has spoken to in the last 18 months, she looks after the team in the North Shields memory clinic and she was with us to be aware of and help with anyone with dementia to become a “Dementia Friend”.

The telltale signs of the disease she asked for words that we thought a person with Dementia would feel also that there are hundreds of types of Dementia and it takes an analysis of each patient to diagnose if dementia or Alzheimer’s is the correct diagnosis. A couple of games were played to guess the correct wording in sentences describing the feelings and exportations a patient would have, then we had to list the processes that would have to be done to make a cup of tea; the answers ranged between 8 and 17 processes.

Sara also described some of the problem dementia patients have with everyday situations and how their short term memory is affected in both the hippocampus (Factual Memory) and the Amygdala (Feelings Memory) your visit to a friend or relative may not be remembered but the feeling they felt about the visit is remembered. Sara ended with a questionnaire on what each of us had gained during the presentation, how it had affected us and what changes would we try to apply in our dealings with other people.

This presentation was well received by our members Questions followed on several points to conclude a very informative morning.

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