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25 Years at the Chalk Face

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 23rd May 2018.

An outstanding presentation was given by Dr Jared Johnson who was a teacher for over 25 years at the latest meeting of the Cullercoats Men's Club.

He started by relating the Schools he had taught at during his time in education how he got into the profession and then went on to describe the methods of discipline used when he started to the way it is done now.

Jared was an enthusiastic teacher when he first started and over the years in his opinion the changes made to the methods have been politically driven with no real concept of how, why or to what consequences would happen if they were carried out. He told us 5 different episodes that happened over the years and said that if these had happened nowadays he would probably be in prison for his efforts also he related his first meeting with the Ofsted visits where he asked him a question which he could not answer but all his students could, he hated having to train his pupils to pass an exam saying “That’s Not Education” quoting Albert Einstein who said “Education is what is left after you have forgotten what you learnt at school”.

Education is a much broader thing than just fact accumulation to no purpose at all he also said that “Everything that can be counted doesn’t necessarily count, everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted” and in Jared’s opinion education these days however we define it is about testing what you manage to put into the minds of children which they will never ever need to know in their lives except to pass an exam.

A very good morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

Questions followed on several points to conclude a very entertaining morning.

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