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The Magic of Morocco

The entry below is a synopsis of our speakers talk on 4th July 2018.

An outstanding presentation was given by Harry & Kath Gilbert at the latest meeting of the Cullercoats Men’s Club entitled “The Magic of Morocco”.

The digital projection show was about a trip around Morocco in 2007 which was their 2nd trip there in 4 years due to the 1st visit photos not being up to their usual quality. Arriving first at Casablanca and drove on to Rabat the capital Fez and Marrakesh, they had arranged their own accommodation and transport

The coast line is 175 miles long and rock birds cling to the rocky coastline also there are many ports which serve the small fishing boats in this one of the richest fishing grounds in the world and there are still some traditional boat building yards a picture of the lighthouse minaret 656 feet high and shines its light out towards Mecca it cost 35,000 craftsmen were employed to build this mosque its pray Hall can hold 25,000 which is the 2nd largest religious building in the world, inside there are 41 fountains for the men to wash themselves before going into worship. On to Rabat area was shown and down to a fertile plane ware the green of palm trees give colour to the whole valley.

On to Fez the oldest city and had to search through the allies to find their hotel. Visit to the mosque was a must and, the medina an education centre and religionist mosque all in one then a visit to the tanning area of the city, the vats laid out like a childes paint box but on a grander size and only use natural colours from mimosa, saffron, mascara and turmeric the products are made into many different articles for sale to all visitors. Photos of the baron mountains green valley’s wild life and historic buildings made this a memorable morning.

A very good morning for all our members who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

Questions followed on several points to conclude a very entertaining morning.

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