The structure of the club is as shown below

Arthur Storey
Mike Graham
Ian East
Ray Calboutin
Programme Secretary
Ray Calboutin
Press/ Website Officer
Ray Calboutin
Ray Kelly
Committee Member
Joe Mason
Committee Member
Stuart Lewis


Storey_Arther.jpg (13601 bytes)  Arthur Storey:- President.

Arthur joined the club in 1995, he retired after 43 years with the Post office. Arthur was recommended to join the club by a work colleague who was already a member, he now runs the kitchen duties for us.

Graham_Mike.jpg (13601 bytes)  Mike Graham:- Chairman

Mike joined the club in 2015 after a career in Law spanning several decades, most recently as a barrister working from Chambers in Newcastle upon Tyne. He was encouraged to join the club as a means of attending interesting and informative talks on a wide range of topics, but has also found that the social interaction between members and the camaraderie of the group as a whole are a special bonus, providing friendship, support and encouraging a positive outlook on life.

Calboutin_Ray_3.jpg (12100 bytes)  Ray Calboutin :- Club Secretary, Programme Secretary and Press/ Website Officer

Ray joined the club in 2005 and took over the Programme Secretaries job in 2006, the Club Secretary in 2013. He is a retired Control Systems Software Engineer with Siemens for over 37 years. Ray joined the club to gain another interest in life and make new friends in a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

Ian East  Ian East :- Treasurer

Ian joined the club ln 2014, initally atracted by the range of speakers each week. As a retired Health Service Manager, he found the club relaxed and friendly; and now enjoys the social banter as much as the talks.

Kelly_Ray.jpg (12827 bytes)   Ray Kelly :- Registrar

Ray joined the club in 2011 and took over the Registrar's job in 2018. He worked at the Tyne Tunnel for 30 years finishing as a traffic controller, he joined the club when his brother in law said that it was a nice place to go and meet new friends and hear some interesting talks, so I decided to come along and have done so ever since. "I would recommend the club to anyone, so come along and give it a go".

Lewis_Stuart.jpg (13601 bytes)  Stuart Lewis:- Events Officer.

Stuart joined the club in 2010, he is a retired plumber working for North Tyneside Council. Stuart was recommended to join the club by a friend who said it was a small friendly group of men which has proven to be true.

Mason_Joe.jpg (13601 bytes)  Joe Mason :- Committee Member.

Joe joined the club in 2001, he was a motor mechanic and has done some tutoring at the local college, he joined the club to make new friends.


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