New Members

To become a member you have to attend TWO meetings, the first meeting charge is £1.20p, if you decide our club suits you at your next meeting you will be asked to complete the club application form and pay the annual subscription of £5 (depending on the month you join, a reduction will be applied for months short of the full year) plus the £1.20p entry fee. Each meeting you attend there after will cost you £1.20p.

On Sept 1st the annual subscription is due, thats all there is to it.

The people shown below are the latest members to join the club, we hope they will enjoy many happy years with us.

Pike_Terry.jpg (9981 bytes)
Roberts_Brian.jpg (9981 bytes)
White_Doug.jpg (9981 bytes)
Hodgkinson_David.jpg (9981 bytes)
  Terry Pike Oct 21
  Brian Roberts Sep 21
  Doug White Sep 21
  Philip Downie Feb 20
Farrage_Ernie.jpg (9981 bytes)
Ward_Charles.jpg (9981 bytes)
Hodgkinson_David.jpg (9981 bytes)
Armstrong_Sid.jpg (9981 bytes)
  Ernie Farrage Jan 20
  Charles Ward Jan 20
  David Hodgkinson Nov 19
  Chris Rickard Oct 19
Heath_John.jpg (9981 bytes)
Morris_Joseph.jpg (9981 bytes)
Armstrong_Sid.jpg (9981 bytes)
Say_John.jpg (9981 bytes)
  John Heath Oct 19
  Joseph Morris Sep 19
  Sid Armstrong Sep 19
  John Say Jun 19
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